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Port Noarlunga Arts Centre - City of Onkaparinga
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Port Noarlunga Arts Centre - City of Onkaparinga This property's rates and availability are 100% up to date and your booking will be instantly confirmed.

22 Gawler St, Port Noarlunga sa 5167, Australia

The Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga, is located in the Old Institute Building on Gawler Street.

The institute has played an important role in the creative and cultural life of the region for many years as a theatre and as the only movie theatre in the Fleurieu Peninsula, and this is continued through its use as a centre for the arts in the South.

The Arts Centre is a flexible arts space which comprises the following
three dedicated gallery spaces?The Foyer, Onkaparinga and Linear
The Performance Space?a flexible space which is ideally suited for performances, cabarets, seminars, conferences and can also be used as a gallery Rehearsal Studio 1?a large rehearsal room with full length mirrors, ideally suited for dance, performance, and art and craft ideas
Visual Arts Studio?with great natural light, it is ideal for painting, drawing and photography
Rehearsal Studio 2?suitable for smaller activities and meetings
Meeting Room 1?suitable as a keyhole gallery, meeting space or quiet retreat.
The Arts Centre plays home to a number of local arts, craft and theatrical groups. The centre is part of the Out of the Square consortium, a metropolitan entertainment circuit providing the best South Australian performers and talent to entertain audiences.
The Southern Youth Theatre Ensemble is a professionally funded theatre company for young people aged 5?26. The Noarlunga Theatre Company is an amateur company which hosts at least three productions per year.
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays?if volunteers are available 12pm?4pm

Contact details
Ph: (08) 8326 5577 Fax: (08) 8326 5665
Email artsbookings@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

Click on an event below to book online
1 November at 10am Hebel Block Sculpture Workshops by Nick Goedhart
11 November at 11am - Barry Iron with Platinum +
December 16 at 11am - BOOMSTARS
December 17 at 11am - Barry Morgan and his world of Organs
November 15 at 8pm - Greg Hart - THE WILD ONE
November 6 - SURFRIDERS MOVIE NIGHT at 7.30pm
Cancellation Policy / Terms & Conditions
No Refunds Applicable

Location Map

Call the friendly staff at the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre on + 61 8 8323 9944 if you require assistance.